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George Washington
Date: 1732–1799
Remarks: George Washington was the son of Augustine Washington and Mary (Ball) Washington, his second wife. He was half-brother to Lawrence Washington (d. 1752). After the death of Lawrence, he inherited the family estate/plantation, Mount Vernon. As a young man he worked as a surveyor in the English colony of Virginia. A few years later he served as commander of the Virginia regiment, a branch of the British colonial army. He was an advisor to British army commander, General Braddock. In 1758, he was elected to Virginia's colonial government as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. He married Miss Martha DandridgeCustis, of Virginia. The couple had several children. Mr. Washington, used his first hand experience with the British army and politics to help the Continental Army fight the Revolution and form a new nation. General Washington served as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army for eight years, until he resigned in 1783. His persuasive nature and reputatuion influenced the Continental Congress to form a Federal Union of the States. In 1789, he was inaugrated the first President (1789-1797). Audubon named a bird in his honor (1863.17.11)