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Andrew Carnegie
Date: 1835 - 1919
Remarks: Andrew Carnegie moved with his family from Scotland to Pittsburgh, PA at the age of thirteen. He began work in a cotton mill, and grew up working a number of industrial jobs, some of them with Western Union and the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1873, he quit his job to focus on his own investments, centered around steel. He consolidated a number of firms to create the Carnegie Steel Company, and thanks to his partnership with Henry Clay Frick, was at one time producing one fourth of the entire nation's steel. In 1901, Carnegie sold his company to the U.S. Steel Corp and retired. Aside from being a remarkable businessman, Carnegie was also a firm believer in philanthropy. Believing that the rich had a moral duty to share their wealth with the community, Carnegie contributed over 350 million dollars to form a number of programs. He also provided for the establishment of over two thousand libraries. -Source: and