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Worden G. Wood
Date: American, 1880 - 1943
Remarks: Wood was a grandson of Rear Admiral John Lorimer Worden, commander of the Federal ironclad Monitor at the time of her battle with the Confederate ironcland Merrimac in 1862. He studied at Columbia University and at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898 joined the United States Naval Reserve and served on the Yankee. In 1916, he took part in the campaign under General John J. Pershing following the Villa raid in New Mexico, and in 1917 he became a chief boatswain's mate and served in the United States Navy in World War I. He subsequently served on the art staffs of the New York World, the Boston Herald, and the New York Herald, and was a marine illustrator for many firms, including the United States Lines, the French Line, the Macmillan Company, and the United States Shipping Board. He was also a member of the Seventh Regiment, New York National Guard. He died on November 19, 1943, at his home at 120 Haven Avenue in New York City.