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Victor Wilbour
Date: 1862–1931
Remarks: Victor Wilbour was born in New York in 1862, a ninth generation descendant of Elizabeth Alden Peabody, the first child born of New England Pilgrims. Wilbour lived abroad as a child with his parents, Charles Edwin and Charlotte Beene Wilbour. In Paris, Wilbour studied under Rodolphe Julian, at his well-known academy. He lived for some twenty-five years in Paris and other European cities. His sketches and paintings of Manhattan were made after his return to New York. Most of his studies in the Society's collection are undated, but dated views indicate a general period of activity between 1899 and 1907. Besides Manhattan, Wilbour made his home in Little Compton, Rhode Island. A member of the Rhode Island Historical Society and the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Wilbour bequeathed his estate to both of these institutions. He was also a member of the The New-York Historical Society. Wilbour never married and died in New York on May 17, 1931.