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George Westinghouse
Date: 1846–1914
Remarks: Westinghouse had 361 patents; his first patent was the rotary steam engine. He later developed an air braking and signaling system to prevent the derailment of trains. In opposition to Edison's direct current (dc) electrical system, Westinghouse created the alternating current (ac). Westinghouse recruited Tesla, the inventor of the ac motor and they created Westinghouse Electric Company. The two also created a hydroelectric plant using the Niagra Falls. Westinghouse and Tesla's ac model of electricity spread quickly and beat out Edison's General Electric Company, making them the inventors of modern electricity. Westinghouse later powered the Columbian Exposition. His company became famous for selling many different products and they bought different radio and tv stations. Awarded many medals and honors for his successes, Westinghouse was recognized as one of the most influential men of the Industrial Revolution.