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Stephanus Van Cortlandt
Date: 1643 - 1700
Remarks: Son of Oloff S. Van Cortlandt (1600-1684). An officer in the colonial militia and a councilor of the province after 1674, appointed first native-born mayor of New York, 1677, 1686-1687. He expanded his family's overseas trading operations, opened a brewery and a sugar mill. Forced to flee for his life during Jacob Leisler's usurpation of New York government, he returned to the Council under Gov. Henry Sloughter and, with the support of Frederick Philpse and Nicholas Bayard, vigorously pressed Leisler's prosecution on the charge of treason. Associated throughout his career wtih several of the provincial courts, he became a judge on the supreme court, 1691, raised to the post of chief justice one month before his death. An important adviser to the provincial governors on Indian relations. His sister Catherine (1652-1730) and brother Jacobus (1658-1739) married into the Philipse family, whose branch of the family became associated with the lands now making up Van Cortlandt Park.