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John Vanderlyn
Date: 1775 - 1852
Remarks: As a young man in Kingston, NY, Vanderlyn came to the attention of Aaron Burr, who paid for his lessons with Gilbert Stuart and in 1796 sent him to study in Paris. Except for brief visits home, Vanderlyn remained in Europe until 1815. After his return to NY in 1815, Vanderlyn's popularity gradually waned. For 12 years his large panoramas of Paris, Versailles, Athens and Mexico were exhibited in the New York rotunda, built for this purpose, in City Hall Park, NY, but they were "costly failures." He died in poverty in 1852. "His early work is his best, but the "Marius" was vastly overrated and the "Ariadne" is not much more than an accomplished academic study of the nude."