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Pierre Toussaint
Date: ca. 1781-1853
Remarks: He was brought to NY about 1797 by Jean Berard, a wealthy French landowner. When Berard returned to Haiti and suddenly died, leaving his widow in NY without means, Toussaint took care of her until her death. He secretly supported her as well as his own family for 20 years by becoming one of the most successful and fashionable hairdressers in NYC. He married Juliette Noel in 1811, Toussaint purchased her freedom when she was 15. They adopted one child, Euphemia, his niece. Mr. Toussaint was known for his generous work for the poor. Pierre raised money to help neglected children and help build orphanages and churches. He nursed people back to health during the Yellow Fever epidemic. He is buried in Old St. Patrick's Cathedral cemetary in Little Italy, Manhattan.