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Tiffany & Co.
Date: founded 1837
Remarks: New York, 1837 to present. Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young established it as a stationary and fancy goods store, 1837-41; the first store to have non-negotiable prices; established United States standard for sterling silver and platinum; supplied Union Army with swords, flags and surgical implements during Civil War; revised the seal for one dollar bill in 1885. Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles, opened his own company Tiffany Studios in 1902. He is famous for creating Tiffany favrile glass and stained-glass Tiffany lamps and windows. Related partnerships: (Charles L.) Tiffany & (John B.) Young, 1837-41 Tiffany, Young & (John) Ellis, 1841-53 Tiffany & Co. also had/has numerous contracts and cooperative partnerships with silver makers.