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Augusta Stetson
Date: ca.1842 - 1928
Remarks: Augusta Emma Simmons was the daughter of Peabody and Salome (Sprague) Simmons. In 1864 she married Captain Frederick J. Stetson, a shipbuilder. In th 1880's she became interested in the work of Mary Baker Eddy who sent her to New York in 1886 where she organized the First Church of Christ Scientist and served as its pastor until 1909. She not only preached but became an active fundraiser to finance the church building at 96th Street and Central Park West. At Mrs. Eddy's instigation she was excommunicated from the sect in 1909 on doctrinal and moral charges. Mrs. Stetson was the author of "Reminiscences", Sermons and Correspondence"(1913), "Vital Issues in Christian Science"(1914), and "Sermons and Other Writings".