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Philip Schuyler
Date: 1788 - 1865
Remarks: Philip Schuyler was the only son of John Bradstreet Schuyler (1765-1795) and Elizabeth (Van Rensselaer) Schuyler. After his father's death his grandfather Philip John Schuyler (1733-1804) became his guardian, he lived briefly with his aunt Elizabeth (Mrs. Alexander Hamilton, 1757-1854). He attended Columbia College, in 1806. He married Miss Grace Hunter ((1790-1855) of New York. The couple were the parents of: Ruth Catharine Schuyler (Mrs. Thomas William Ogden, 1813-1901), Elizabeth Van Rennselaer Schuyler (Mrs. Richard Harison Ogden, b. 1815), Catharine Schuyler (Mrs. John Bolton, b. 1821), Grace Schuyler (b. 1823), Letitia Hunter Schuyler (b. 1825), Fanny Schuyler (b. 1827), John Schuyler (b. 1829), and Mary Schuyler (b. 1831). Mr. Schuyler served as a member othe New York state Legislature and was appointed United States consul in England.