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Maria Schieffelin
Date: 1871 - 1948
Remarks: Maria Louisa Shepard was the daughter of Colonel Elliott Fitch Shepard and Margaret Louisa (Vanderbilt) Shepard. Miss Shepard married William Jay Schieffelin, a great-great-grandson of chief justice John Jay, and of Jacob Schieffelin. The couple had seven children: William Jay Schieffelin Jr., Margaret L. Schieffelin (Mrs. Frederick Osborne), Mary Jay Schieffelin (Mrs. Charles S. Brown), John Jay Schieffelin, Bayard Schieffelin, Elliott Schlifflin, and Barbara V. Schieffelin (Mrs. Abram S. Hewitt). Mrs. Schieffelin was an ardent supporter of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), and the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church.