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Peter H. Schenck
Date: 1779 - 1852
Remarks: Peter was the second son of Major Henry Schenck and Hannah (Brett) Schenck of Fishkill Landing, New York. According to Joseph Scoville, "Peter H. Schenck was the first man that ever started a manufactory for domestic fabrics in this State...He also erected a machine factory. He started a cloth (woolen) factory called the 'Rocky Glen Cloth Co.'". Schenck married Harriet Courtney (1784-1850) of Philadelphia in 1804. Their children were:"Margaret Matilda, Sarah Ann (b.1816), Ellen Courtney, Harriet Eliza, Courtney (d. young) Emma (d.young), Edward (b.1820), Peter A., Francis Henry (b.1825), Emma (b.1827), and Richard (d.young) Schenck.