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James Rivington Sr.
Date: ca. 1724 - 1802
James Rivington
Remarks: James Rivington was the son of Charles Rivington (1688-1742), the founder of a London publishing house specializing in theological books. He succeeded his father in the publishing firm until 1756, and four years later immigrated to Philadelphia where he opened a bookstore and added others in New York and Boston. He was a Tory and his newspaper The New-York Gazetteer attacked the revolutionary movement. This was followed by Rivington's New York Loyal Gazette, later called The Royal Gazette (1777-1783). Around 1781, however, his sympathies changed. He married Mrs. Elizabeth Van Horne, and his sons Francis and Charles ran the Rivington publishing business in England. After the war, he gave up the printing business, but continued as a bookseller in New York.