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Maria (Marie) Post
Date: 1845 - 1926
Remarks: Maria (Marie) Caroline de Trobriand was the daugher of Philippe Régis Denis de Keredern, Comte de Trobriand (1816-1897) and Mary Mason (Jones) de Trobriand. Her father, served as a brigadier general in the Union Army during the Civil War. In 1866, Miss De Trobriand married Albert Kintzing Post (d. 1872). The couple had three children: Lina De Trobriand Kintzing Post (Mrs. Hamilton Fish Webster, 1867-1951), Waldron Kintzing Post, and Regis Henri Post. After her husband's death, Mrs. Post married Charles Alfred Post, a cousin of Albert Post, in 1875. The couple had two children Beatrice Post and Edith Church Post.