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Victor Perelli
Date: 1899-1986
Remarks: Victor Perelli was born on September 5, 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at the National Academy of Design for two years and for four years at the New York Evening School of Art. By the time he joined the Federal Art Project of the WPA in 1935, he had established a professional career in art. When he came to the project he was given free rein to produce what he liked under the classification of easel artist, and he completed approximately one painting every six weeks for the next seven years. His supervisors at the time were Lloyd Collins and Max Spivack. Some of Perelli's workk was given to the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco, Chapel Hill University in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the public buildings of Evander Childs High School in New York City. During these years he exhibited at the Bonestell, Harriman, and ACA galleries as well as WPA Federal Art galleries in the city. In 1937 Perelli participated in a group show at the Municipal Art Gallery with Adolph Gottlieb and Isaac Soyer. When the project ended in 1943 he became an illustrator of technical manuals for the United States Air Force for the duration of World War II. As of 1968 Mr. Perelli was still employed as a technical illustrator. He has been a member of the Artists Union. Perelli was residing in Astoria, New York, as late as 1972.