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Charles Willson Peale
Date: 1741–1827
Remarks: Charles Willson Peale learned a number of trades at a very early age, however painting soon became his focus. After studying with both John S. Copley and Benjamin West, Peale established himself in Philadelphia where he painted portraits of famous historical figures. Peale is most well known for painting the first known portrait of George Washington in 1772, however he also painted Martha Washington, John Adams, John Paul Jones, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and John Hancock. In later life, Peale turned his attention to science and created "Peale's Museum," where Native American objects and pieces of Natural History were displayed among other things. Peale was responsible for organizing the first American scientic expedition, and for inventing a velocipede, false teeth and new types of eyeglasses. Before his death in 1827, Peale helped found the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he taught for a number of years. His son is Rembrandt Peale, also a painter. -Source: