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Emperor of France Napoleon III
Date: 1808 - 1873
Remarks: Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, spend most of his life involved in revolutionary activities. In 1836, he attempted a coup in Italy, resulting in his exile to the United States. Four years later, another coup attempt landed him in prison under a life sentence. However, after serving just six years, Bonaparte managed to escape prison and returned to France. In 1848, following the February Revolution, Bonaparte was elected President of the French, in part to due to the glory his name carried. By law, Bonaparte was limited to one term, so on December 2, 1851, he organized yet another coup, held (rigged through intimidation) elections, and changed the constitution, allowing him to stay in power. A Second French Empire was then declared, and Bonaparte was made Emperor Napoleon III. While in power, he had railroads built across the country; cities underwent major construction and early foreign ventures were successful and he remained fairly peopular with the French people. However, his involvement in the Franco-Prussian War proved to be Napoleon III's downfall. Taken as a prisoner of war, his reign was declared over in September of 1870, and he spent the last few years of his life exiled in England, where he died in 1873. - Source: