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Gouverneur Morris
Date: 1752 - 1816
Remarks: Gouvernor Morris was the grandson of Lewis Morris (1671-1746), the royal governor of New Jersey and the first lord of Morrisania Manor. After graduating from King's College (now Columbia), Morris practiced law in New York City, and became involved in the revolutionary movement. In 1776, he drafted the frame of government for the State of New York with John Jay and Robert R. Livingston, and in 1778-1779, he sat on the Continental Congress. From 1781 to 1785, Morris was an assistant to Robert Morris (no relation), who was Superintendent of Finance of the United States Treasury. Morris was elected to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as a delegate from Pennsylvania and assisted in the writing of the Constitution. From 1792 to 1794, he served as Minister to France. His political career continued when he became a U.S. senator in 1800, and from 1810 to 1813 he was chairman of the Erie Canal Commission. Morris was the vice-president of The New-York Historical Society from 1810 to 1815 and was elected its president in the year of his death.