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John C. Moore
Date: ca. 1802-1874
Remarks: John C. Moore for Tiffany, Young & Ellis Tiffany, Young & (John) Ellis, 1841-53 Related partnerships: (Charles L.) Tiffany & (John B.) Young, 1837-41 Tiffany & Co., 1853-present John C. Moore (1803-c. 1878) Partnerships: Moore and (Thomas) Brown, c. 1832-34 Moore and (Garret) Eoff, c. 1835-50 John C. Moore & Son (Edward C. Moore 1827-91), 1850-64 Edward C. Moore, 1864-68 (when shop was incorporated into Tiffany & Co.) Death notice, NY Times, Sept. 30, 1874.