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Douglas MacArthur
Date: 1880–1964
Remarks: graduated first in his class at West Point; made general at age 43, the youngest general at the time; he fought in the Philippines and was an aide-de-camp to Theodore Roosevelt; decorated 13 times in World War I; head of the American Olympic Committee and West Point; made Chief of Staff of the Army in 1930; he led tanks and infantry against the Bonus Army, a group of ex-military who marched on Washington D.C. looking for benefits; MadeSupreme Commander of the Southwest Pacific Area in World War II and then he became Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to receive the formal surrender; Truman then appointed him head of the Allied occupation in Japan; on the outbreak of the Korean War, MacArthur was appointed commander of the United Nations forces, but was removed from his role after disagreements with Truman and then Eisenhower.