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Marilynn and Ivan Karp
Remarks: Marilynn Gelfman Karp, an artist and professor of art at New York University, has been captivated by objects of material culture since at least the age of three, when she began "saving" soda-bottle caps from the broom closet and dustbin of the corner candy store floor in the early 1940s. A voracious collector and observer of the material past for six decades, she has amassed a vast collection of collections, in areas as diverse and unexpected as Dixie lids, washboards, cap guns and airsickness bags. Karp's recent book In Flagrante Collector (Abrams, 2006), a personal exploration of her trove, examines the impulse to collect and understand the past as well as collecting role in defining the self. Karp has offered much of her collection to the N-YHS museum and library and will transfer the material in stages.