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Ki On Twog Ky
Date: 1732/40 - 1836
Remarks: The Seneca chief known as Cornplanter was the son of a Seneca Indian and John O'Bail, an Indian trader. He was born in Conewaugus on the Genesee River, and became famous as a warrior allied with the French against the English. As such he was a contemptuous rival of his fellow Seneca, Sa-go-ye-wat-ha. He was present at Braddock's defeat at Fort Duquesne in 1755 and was a scourge to the American settlers of the frontier during the Revolution, especially in the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania and the Cherry and Mohawk valleys in New York. Later he made peace with the settlers and even cultivated a farm himself in the Allegheny Valley. He was long one of the chief spokesman for his people at councils and treaty negotiations.