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Jack Frost Design
Date: 1968
Remarks: From Company's Website ( 8 June 2004: 1968 - Jack Frost Design - Beginnings Oren (Jack) Frost spent 25 years solving graphic predicaments for Ford, Pan American, RCA, Eastman Kodak and other Fortune 500 companies, as a senior art director and creative supervisor at J. Walter Thompson Company. In 1968, desiring more independent creative expression, he founded Jack Frost Design. Noteworthy examples from the early years of Jack Frost Design are the Republican National Committee logo and graphics for the Ford and Reagan campaigns. As we grew, Jack Frost Design compiled an international menu of corporate logos, trademarks, package designs and point of purchase displays. Add to that newspaper and magazine formats, a broad range of ad campaign "looks" and, well... we've got the experience required for a total response to your communications needs. 2004 - Jack Frost Design - Today With more than thirty five years experience in graphic design, corporate identities, branding and advertising, we understand of the full spectrum of business communications. Our experience spans consumer marketing, manufacturing, packaging, point of purchase, retailing, operations, procurement, direct response, advertising and most importantly now, the Internet.