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Eliza Jumel
Date: 1775 - 1865
Remarks: Miss Eliza Brown (Betsey Bowen) of New York had worked as a housekeeper for many years before she met and married Stephen Jumel (ca. 1754-1832), an affluent wine merchant from Haiti. He came to America about 1795 and lived in New York. Although, she had worked for him before their marriage, he purchased the Robert Morris House (once Gen. Washington's headquarters, now a museum) in Washington Heights, New York. The couple had no childern. Mrs. Jumel was not accepted by New York society, so the couple moved to France. When Madame Jumel returned to New York she had control of her husband's property. In 1833, After the death of her husband, Madame Jumel married Aaron Burr (1756-1833). The couple had no childern and soon separated after the marriage. Mr. Burr died before the divorce decree could be confirmed. Leaving Mrs. Burr, his widow. She lived quietly in her Washington Heights home and used the surname Jumel.