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John Jay
Date: 1745 - 1829
Remarks: Best remembered at the 1st Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court and for the role he played in the treaty negotiated with G.B. in 1795, called the Jay Treaty; Governor of NY 1795-1801, he was governor of New York, 2nd person to hold that office. John Jay was the sixth son of Peter and Mary (Van Cortlandt) Jay and was born in New York. After graduating from King's College (now Columbia) in 1764 he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1768. He was a delegate from New York to the first and second Continetal Congresses and he became an ardent supporter of independence. Jay was one of the men who drew up the consititution for the state of New York in 1776 and became chief justice of the state supreme court. He was elected minister to Spain in 1779, and in 1782 he was called to Paris as one of the commission to negotiate peace with England. In 1784 he returned to the United States and serced as secretary of foreign affairs until 1790. Joining with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, he contributed a great deal to "The Federalist" in 1787-88.