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Gerard Hallock
Date: 1800 - 1866
Remarks: Journalist Gerard Hallock was born in Plainfield, Massachusetts, and was graduated from Williams College. By 1827 he had moved to New York where he acquired part interest in the New York Observer; the next year he joined David Hale on the New York Journal of Commerce, which became a very controversial paper because of Hallock's sympathies with the Southern states and his pleas for peace as the Civil War approached. Although defending states' rights in his editorials, Hallock was one of the founders of the Southern Aid Society. In 1861 a grand jury presented an indictment against the Journal of Commerce and three other newspapers for "encouraging rebels now in arms against the Federal government, by expressing sympathy and agreement with them," and his paper was denied the use of the U.S. mails. Hallock thereupon retired and sold his newspaper holdings. He was one of the newspaper owners who organized the Associated Press in 1848. He died at his home in New Haven on January 4, 1866.