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Samuel V. Hoffman
Date: 1866 - 1942
Samuel Verplanck Hoffman
Remarks: Samuel V. Hoffman was the son of Rev. Eugene Augustus Hoffman and Mary Crooke (Elmendorf) Hoffman of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He taught and studied astronomy at Johns Hopkins University, before returning to New York to manage his father's extensive properties. In 1901 he became a life member of The New-York Historical Society and two years later succeeded has father as its president, serving in that office from 1903 to 1912. He was in charge of the ceremony attending the laying of the cornerstone of the present edifice and he solicited the large sums necessary to complete and outfit the buildings. His gifts to the Society were numerous, and included his unequaled collection of astrolabes and the two hundred volumes on astronomy from his own library. Hoffman was a director of the North River Insurance Company and a trustee of the General Theological Seminary (1903-42), of which his father had been dean.