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Josiah Ogden Hoffman
Date: 1766 - 1837
Remarks: Hoffman, a renowned lawyer and a staunch Federalist, was the son of Nicholas and Sarah (Ogden) Hoffman and a descendent of Martin Hoffman who came to New Amsterdam in 1657. Hoffman began his law practice with Cadwallader Colden and over the years acquired a reputation as a jurist. In the 1790s he was a member of the New York State Legislature and he became the leader of the Federalist party- as well as a bitter opponent of Governor George Clinton. From 1798 to 1801 he was attorney general of the state and served as recorder of the City of New York from 1808 to 1815. His opposition to War of 1812 did not make him popular politically. The last nine years of his life he was a judge of the New York superior court. Hoffman was twice married, first to Mary Colden (1789) and then to Maria Fenno (1802).