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Daniel Hauben
Date: American, born 1956
Remarks: Daniel Hauben has actually depicted scenes other than the Bronx in his canvases, but his art is most identified with his home borough. He does this as a way of preserving images of "the layers of history and quickly changing reality" of the landscape with which he's most familiar. The Bronx canvases have a gritty quality, but focus most frequently on people as they go about their daily lives. Hauben studied at the School of Visual Arts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He has exhibited extensively in both one-man and group exhibitions in the Bronx, Manhattan, and several times in various German cities, where sales of his paintings have soared. He is recognized as a skilled print maker, has taught art at many levels from elementary school to senior citizens. Recently he was awarded the commission to create a stained glass version of one of his paintings for the renovation of a Bronx subway station. In these portraits Hauben reveals a subtle psychological understanding of his subjects, so that the images become more than the sum of the parts of individual faces. The eyes look directly at us from faces that are clearly marked with the passage of time and events.