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George Harvey
Date: English, 1799 - 1880
Remarks: George Harvey of England was the brother of Maria Harvey (Mrs. Timothy Baxter, 1798-1830 and Amy Eleanor Havery (Mrs. John Whitmore, 1803-1895). He emigrated to U.S. about 1820 and lived in the midewest for several years before returning to the East coast to began his art career in Brooklyn (ca. 1828). He exhibited his landscapes and miniatures many times at the National Academy of Design after his election to that institution as an associate member in 1828. From 1829 to about 1832 he was active in Boston where he had painted over 400 miniatures. From about 1836, he lived at Hastings, NY near Washington Irving, his good friend and whose home Sunnyside, he had helped design. Harvey is perhaphs best known for his series of "atmospheric views" of American landscape scenery (almost half of the paintings from this series are owned by N-YHS).