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Gale, Wood & Hughes
Date: active 1835 - 1845
Remarks: Partnership active, 1835-1845; Related partnerships or shops: William Gale (1799-1867), active 1821-1859 Gale and (John) Stickler (1821-1822) John L. and (O.) W. Gale (1825-27) Gale & (Joseph) Moseley (1828-33) Gale & (Nathaniel) Hayden (1845-50) Wm. Gale & Son (Wm. Gale, Jr.) (1850-58, 1863-66) (Wm., Sr.?) Gale & (John R.) Willis (1859-60-62) Willis was Gale son-in-law [*William Gale & Son, New York company and biographical information from EP, pp. 331-41, 483-87] William Gale (1799-1867) was silver smith, merchant, and successful real estate investor, known for numerous partnerships (see above) as well as 1826 flatware patent which resulted in domination of flatware manufacturing market from about 1826-1860's (see "Perry Tureen Evaluation, EP, and Venable for additional Gale biographical information). Wood and Hughes were Gale apprentices (EP, p. 340). EP also quotes 1855 industrial census as noting that Gale firm employed 65 men, 10 boys (p. 332), and later. Wood and Hughes formed a separate partnership in 1845-1899. William Gale died in 1864 and was buried in Greenwood cemetery.