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Julian Oliver Davidson
Date: 1853–1894
Remarks: At the age of 18, young Davidson went to sea, traveling to many parts of the world and forming a lifelong love of the sea and ships. He studied under Mauritz F. H. De Haas (q.v.) and made a name as a marine painter and illustrator. Careful research and accurate rendering of technical details were hallmarks of Davidson's work, especially in his historical paintings. In his later years, Davidson was particularly fascinated by the problem of accurate depiction of water in motion. He regularly exhibited at the National Academy of Design (1877-94) and the Brooklyn Art Association (1872-81). A skilled draftsman, Davidson provided pictures of historical scenes, regattas, yacht races, and other marine subjects for Harper's, The Aldine, and Century magazines. In addition, he wrote sea adventure stories for children. Davidson lived and worked in New York City and Nyack, NY, where he had a summer studio. He was a skilled boatsman and champion sculler.