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Chauncey Depew
Date: 1834 - 1928
Remarks: Chauncey Mitchell Depew was the son of Isaac Depew and Martha (Mitchell) Depew. He graduated from Yale University (1856). Mr. Depew became a lawyer and first praticed in Peekskill, New York. His interest in politics and led him to join the new Republican Party. Depew's association with Commordore Vanderbilt, helped his career, business interest, and social standing, when he was made an attorney for the Hudson River and Harlem Railroad lines (1866). Many years later, he was promoted to vice-president of the newly consolidated New York Central and Hudson River Lines. He was appointed President, in 1885. His knowledge of business and the railroad industry, enabled him to serve on the boards of over two dozen railroad companies. Mr. Depew then turned his attention to politics and was elected to the U.S. Senate In 1899 and 1905. He published an autobiography in 1921, My Memories of Eighty Years.