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Matthew L. Davis
Date: 1773 - 1850
Remarks: Davis's career in journalism began with the short-lived New York "Evening Post" in 1794. In 1797-1798 he was associated with Philip Freneau on the "Time Piece and Literary Companion" By then he had already became an admirer of Aaron Burr and for over forty years Davis's friendship with him remained unshakable. Davis was present at the dueling grounds in Weehawken in 1804 when Burr shot Alexander hamilton and he preferred to endure a jail sentence rather than testify against his friend. Davis was for many years a sachem in the Tammany Society, and during 1814-1815 was the grand sachem. Many of Burr's private papers were left to Davis and he published "Memoirs of Aaron Burr (1836-1837)" and "The Private Journal of Aaron Burr during his Residence of Four Years in Europe." (1838). Around Washington, DC Daivs was referred to as "The Old Boy in Specs" because of his spectacles.