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Oliver Cromwell
Date: April 25, 1599 - September 3, 1658
Remarks: Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan who attended Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge University, began his career in both the Short Parliament (1640) and the Long Parliament (1640-1660). It was during these sessions of parliament that King Charles I was slowly stripped of his power. Using his military prowess, Cromwell ultimately filled the void for power, declaring England a Republic in 1649 and himself Lord Protector. Once in power, Cromwell worked to improve education, boosted religious toleration to some degree, embroiled the country in a number of wars, and also created the major-general system, allowing for easier governance of the country. Cromwell died in 1658, and within two years the monarchy was restored. Three years later the body of Cromwell was dug up and posthumously hung and beheaded for regicide. -Source:,, and