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E. C. Coates
Date: 1836? - 1872?
Remarks: E.C. Coates, creator of numerous portraits, landscapes, and marine and historical paintings, presents a biographical puzzle. He is known to have been active in New York State from 1837 to 1872. He also painted some Canadian scenes, suggesting that he traveled in that country. His oil paintings, however, were sometimes based on other artists' designs. Even the basic facts of Coates's life are lacking; he may be identified, however, with the painter(s) listed in New York City and Brooklyn directories between 1837 and 1872 under several given names: Edward, Edmund, Edmund C., E.C., and E.G. Coates. Some evidence speculated that he was a picture framer and "speculator in pictures" (that is, an art dealer) in the 1850's. An Edmund C. Coates exhibite landscapes at the Apollo Association, New York City, in 1839 and 1840, while an artist known only as "Coates" was represented in 1841 at the National Academy of Design exhibition.