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Winston Churchill
Date: 1874–1965
Remarks: Winston Churchill had a highly unsuccessful early political career. It was not until 1940, when Churchill, the staunch enemy of Hitler, took the position of Prime Minister that he made a positivename for himself. Britain appeared to be in a dire situation, on the edge of defeat in 1940. The country had few very resources and fewer allies in the stand against Hitler. However, Churchill, through constant travel, was able to develop allies such as the United States, and ultimately, with this support, Britain was able to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. In 1945, Churchill lost reelection and did not return to the political limelight until 1951, when he was again made Prime Minister. Because of health reasons, he resigned in 1955, and devoted himself to writing, for which he won a Nobel Prize. He died of a stroke in 1965 and was given a state funeral. -Source: and