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John William Casilear
Date: 1811 - 1893
Remarks: At age fifteen, he became an apprentice to the engraved Peter Maverick. As a bank note engraver Casilear was associated with Asher B. Durand and for many years was a partner in a number of engraving firms in New York. He also took up landscape painting, and in this pursuit his mentors were Durand and Thomas Cole. Casilear became an associate of the National Academy of Design in 1833 and an academician in 1852. After 1854 Casilear began to devote more time to landscape painting; he opened a studio in New York and made frequent trips to the country, sketching in upstate New York and Vermont. Casilear is among the artists most often associated with the Hudson River School. He painted and exhibited quiet, pastoral scenes with animals, and his work was highly successful and well thought of in his lifetime.