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Aaron Burr
Date: 1756 - 1836
Remarks: Aaron Burr was the son of a Presbyterian clergyman of, Newark, New Jersey. He studied theology briefly at Princeton (1772). When the Revolution began he served with honor and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After leaving the army he, studied law and married Mrs. Theodosia (Bartow) Prevost (d. 1794). The couple had a daughter, Theodosia Burr (Mrs. Joseph Alston, 1783-1813). Mr. Burr became involved in politics and was elected to the U.S. Senate (1791), he defeated Alexander Hamilton's father-in-law. In 1800, he served as Vice-President under Thomas Jefferson. In 1804, he and Alexander Hamilton had a pistol-duel over personal conflicts. Hamilton was seriously wounded, and died shortly after from his injuries. Burr experienced many unfortunate social and financial setbacks. He later moved west, in an attempt to restore his good fortune. His plan to separate the west from the Union was unsuccessful, and resulted in his exile from America (1808-1812). His daughter acted as his agent for business he conducted in the America until his return. After his arrival in New York, he opened a law office which did well. He married Madame Jumel (Mrs. Stephen Jumel, 1756-1853). The couple separated shortly, after the marriage. Mr. Burr died before the divorce decree could be confirmed.