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Constance Borland
Date: 1855 - 1923
Remarks: Twin sister of Maude Antoinia (Mrs. Walker Breese Smith) and daughter of Francis Robert Rives (182-1891) and Matilda Antonia (Barclay) Rives (1824-1888) of "Carwath", Dutchess County, NY. They were sisters of George Lockhart, Ella Louisa, Francis Robert and Reginald William Rives. She married John Borland on June 24, 1884. The couple had three children: Maud Rives Borland (b. 1886), John Borland, Jr. (b. 1887) and Ella A. Borland (b. 1889) Her husband died in Washington, DC in 1893. Constance died in 1914 in Gloucester, MA