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Gerardus Beekman
Date: 1653 - 1723
Remarks: Colonel Gerardus Beekman, M.D. was the second son of William Beekman, the founder of the American branch of the family and Catherine (De Boogh) Beekman. Gerardus was a physician and practiced medicine in Flatbush. He was a member of the Leisler government and was imprisoned for treason in 1691 along with the other Leisler council members. After his release he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and later to full colonel in the militia under Governor Bellomont. A much respected citizen and a wealthy landowner, he was a provincial councillor and presided over the council in the governor's absence, serving as acting governor in 1709-10. In 1677 he married Magdalena Abeel of Albany, by whom he had ten children; he was a deacon and elder of the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church.