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William Holbrook Beard
Date: 1824 - 1900
Remarks: Best known as an allegorical painter, William Holbrook Beard first began his career as a portrait painter in Ohio. In 1845 he moved to New York, where his brother, the genre painter James Henry Beard (1812-93), was already established. He continued to travel about, however, until 1850, when he set up a studio in Buffalo. By 1856 he had saved enough money to go abroad, and he spent two years in Europe, mainly in Dusseldorf and Rome. In 1858 he was back in Buffalo. Beard first exhibited at the National Academy of Design in 1858 and the following year moved to New York once again. He was elected to the National Academy in 1862 and soon after married the daughter of the painter Thomas LeClear. He established himself in the Tenth Street Studio and his work, noted for its imagination and originality, became popular.