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The Dr. Egon Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass
Sorted AscendingTitleDate Related People Object Number
Photo: Colin Cooke Bamboo floor lampdesigned ca. 1900-1906Tiffany StudiosN84.85.1
Photo: Colin Cooke Bamboo table lampdesigned ca. 1900-1906Tiffany StudiosN84.78.1
Photo: Colin Cooke Bell lamp and Lotus shadedesigned ca. 1900-1906Tiffany StudiosN84.32.1
Photo: Colin Cooke Black-Eyed Susan table lampdesigned ca. 1900-1906Clara DriscollN84.39.1
Photo: Colin Cooke Bookmark floor lampdesigned ca. 1906-1910Tiffany StudiosN84.36.1
Chandelier1899-1920Tiffany StudiosN84.12.1a-g
Chandelierca. 1900-1910Tiffany StudiosN84.37.1
Photo: Colin Cooke Clematis hanging shadedesigned ca. 1900-1906Clara DriscollN84.70.1
Clematis lampshadeca. 1900-1906Tiffany StudiosN84.59
Photo: Colin Cooke Cobweb shade, Mosaic floral basedesigned ca. 1899-1902Clara DriscollN84.128.1