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Object Name: As (Roman coin)
Date: ca. 28-9 B.C.
Related People:
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: Overall: 1 in. (2.5 cm)
Description: Obv: IMP/DIVIF above and below busts of M. Agrippa and Augustus, back to back. Agrippa, l., wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath. Augustus bare-headed. Rev. COL-NEM, l. and r. of palm-shoot. Above, wreath with long ties; below, chained crocodile. Below crocodile, palmettes.
Object Number: INV.10699
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Gallery Label:

This coin was struck under Augustus at the mint in Nemausus (Nimes), which was operant between ca. 28 B.C. and 14 A.D.