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Frits Holm Medal
Date: 1921
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Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: Overall (diameter): 2 1/2 in. (6.4 cm)
Place made: North America, United States, New York
Description: Bronze struck medal with obverse depicting nude male bust facing right with legend: "FRITS HOLM." Reverse bears inscription within central roundel, surrounded by border made up of Chinese characters: "- DEN -/HOLM.NESTORIANSKE/EXPEDITION TIL SIANFV/SHENSI N.V.KINA/MCMVII.VII/TIL MINDE."
Object Number: X.166
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Marks: Inscription: obverse, below bust truncation, at lower center: "ALBERT BRVCE-JOY FECIT MCMXXI" Inscription: edge, lower center: "18 MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y."

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This medal was awarded to the Danish explorer Frits Vilhelm Holm (1881-1930), commander of the Holm-Nestorian Expedition to Sian-fu, bringing out from the far interior of northwest China a 2-ton replica of the famous Nestorian Monument of A.D. 781.